Definition :


There are several categories of hair (grouped according to the author):
• Outer coat or guard hairs (primary hairs): long, thick, straight, pigmented, spatulate at the distal end. Protective element of the coat, abundant in the upper parts of the body.
• Awn hairs (also for protection): bent at the end and pointed at the tip, giving them a clublike appearance. • Undercoat, down hair, underfur: thin, wavy, very dense hairs, for thermal insulation. A coat is called “double” when it consists of an outer coat (guard hairs) and an undercoat. Down hair is abundant in the Persian, is the only covering in the Sphynx, and is absent in the Balinese:
• Tactile hairs (called “antenna” by French writer Colette.Whiskers, vibrissae).

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