Health Nutrition

The Royal Canin Approach

Canin Health Nutrition provides all the essential nutrients and ingredients
measured with the utmost precision to contribute, every day and on a
long-term basis, to the well-being and health of all dogs and cats according to
age, size, physiological condition and breed.

The Nutritional Puzzle

Manufacturing a balanced Health Nutrition is like building
a complex jigsaw puzzle of more than 50 pieces, each piece containing a
nutrient vital to the animal’s health.

balance is obtained from all the ingredients formulated in adequate proportions
and complementing each other to contribute to a small or larger piece of the
jigsaw puzzle.

The nutritional approach at Royal Canin

Canin’s nutritional approach combines one single food in complex jigsaw puzzle with
just the right amount of nutrients needed to satisfy the nutritional objectives
and meet the real needs, precisely and specifically, of each body.

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