Royal Canin condemns activities that endanger animals and unreservedly apologises for sponsoring an event in Ukraine where bear-baiting took place.


Royal Canin will not sponsor such events and seeks to work further with their partners to protect animal welfare


You may be aware of a story that has been trending on social media platforms and in media regarding bear-baiting in the Ukraine. Royal Canin unreservedly
apologises for sponsoring the event where the bear-baiting took place.

As a company with knowledge and respect for animals at our heart, we condemn any activities that harm or endanger animals. Royal Canin has been absolutely horrified to see these images linked to our brand. The sponsorship of this event is not consistent with Royal Canin’s animal welfare policy, our philosophy of “Pet First” or our vision.


Four Paws International raised this incident with Royal Canin in May 2013 and it was investigated immediately. Royal Canin then undertook immediate action to no longer sponsor this event, and also to remind all of Royal Canin’s sales and marketing staff of our policy regarding animal welfare and of sponsorship due diligence. Having not seen the video at this stage we did not understand the true nature of the event that took place.

This has been a humbling experience for Royal Canin. We again thank Four Paws International for bringing this practice to our attention, and in doing so reminding us that diligence in ensuring our policy is followed is paramount. We look forward to working with all our partners to prevent animal cruelty through policy change and improved animal welfare practices. 


Specifically, Royal Canin will work to improve the welfare of the Ukrainian bears and dogs involved in bear-baiting. 


Royal Canin’s Animal Welfare Policy states that we do not undertake, support or sponsor research that harms animals. Activities that could endanger the animal’s health, its life expectancy, its well-being or way of life are prohibited under this policy. This policy extends to sponsored marketing activities that could harm or endanger the lives of animals.

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