On Friday, 8 November 2013, Royal Canin staff took time out to help Animal Anti Cruelty League in Bellville, Cape Town. The day was all about washing dogs, walking them and socialising with puppies, kittens and cats.
After a few hours, it was difficult to see who was more excited, or tired. Dogs were barking with excitement, puppies clambering onto the laps of all Royal Canin staff and kittens meowing with satisfaction after being fed Royal Canin Babycat Instinctive mousse. Each dog, puppy, cat and kitten touched the hearts of all Royal Canin staff who were naming them all, considering how to fit more pets into their households and forcing them to stay just a little bit longer to spend some time with one more kitten or puppy. Needless to say, this will continue to be a part of Royal Canin’s ongoing plans to be more involved with animal welfare organisations. For information about Royal Canin, visit your local veterinarian or contact Royal Canin on 0860 63 00 63, email info@royal-canin.co.za or visit www.royalcanin.co.za.
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