31 July 2013


Royal Canin Global Statement


Royal Canin will support the development of a Ukrainian rescue facility for 15 bears that are involved in bear baiting.


This project is a joint partnership between FOUR PAWS and the Ukrainian authorities that will contribute to eradicating bear-baiting practices from Ukraine


On July 30th 2013, Royal Canin met with FOUR PAWS to review a project proposing to build a rescue facility for 15 bears in Ukraine. FOUR PAWS has obtained support from the Ukrainian authorities for this project.  Royal Canin has committed to join this project to help rescue the 15 bears, and we are working with FOUR PAWS to finalize the project’s implementation plan.


Royal Canin intends to provide funding for this project, and will take the lead in building an alliance to include additional volunteering parties (business partners, associations, NGO etc…) to ensure the project is secured for the long term.


Royal Canin looks forward to opening this new chapter by helping to promote animal welfare in Ukraine.

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