Dog shows

Re-nowned events

Created in the middle of the nineteenth century, dog shows are dedicated to naming the best individuals; those that best represent their breed and are the closest to their standards.

By successfully taking part in several shows, the dog may climb the steps leading to the much coveted titles of national or international champions. The dogs of the different breeds are assessed, on the basis f their morphology or their working abilities, by judges.

Judge training is the national canine organisations’ responsibility. Judge candidates, often recruited among recognized breeders or exhibitors, have to prove evidence of an excellent knowledge of the breed(s)they intend to judge, of their experience in dog show organization

The shows are mostly organized by canine societies or breeders’ syndicates, each country affiliated with the FCI having to hold every year at least one international show in which a Certificate of Ability to take part in the International Beauty Championship is awarded to the best male and the best female of every breed accepted by the FCI.

A few prestigious yearly shows


Created at the end of the nineteenth century, Crufts takes place every year in March in Birmingham,in the United Kingdom.This show, for which the participants must qualify in qualifying shows, brings together every year 25,000 dogs among the best subjects in European breeding and is even broadcasted on television, drawing over 14 million viewers.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Created in 1877, this show brings together 2,500 dogs to New York’s Madison Square Garden every year in February and by invitation. Dog judging results are visible on the Westminster Kennel Club’s web site, with over 2 million connections, and are broadcasted on two American television networks.

The World Show

It is held every year in one of the countries affiliated with the FCI. The best male and the best female win "World Show Winner" titles, along with the best young and best veteran dogs.

The European Show

This show takes place every year in a European country affiliated with the FCI; with at stake the "Show Winner of the European Section" titles for best male, best female, best young and best veterans.Shows also exist in the "America and Caribbean" and "Asia and Pacific" sections.

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