Choosing him

How to choose your puppy

Living with a dog is a decision that requires a long-term commitment. Dogs live, on average, for longer than 10 years. You should adopt a dog with nutritional and behavioural demands that suit your lifestyle.

Which breed do I choose?

German Shepherds are obedient, Labradors love children and Greyhounds are independent, but no dog can be classified so categorically. Consider what you want from your dog, taking into account breed, size and weight before adopting. Yorkshire Terriers are not guard dogs while German Mastiffs and Great Pyrenees are not suited to apartment living.

Generally  small-sized dogs adapt better to smaller spaces than medium-sized dogs, and large breed dogs always need large, outdoor areas. Whatever
breed you adopt, remember that all dogs need constant love and attention. Approach breed clubs and breeders to help you make an informed decision. Dog shows are ideal to discover the full diversity of canine breeds and you can also consult breed professionals and veterinarians.

Male or Female?

Females are generally smaller and this may be one of the criteria for your decision. A critical factor to consider is that female heat seasons occur in Spring and Autumn attracting tenacious and determined males. Being a responsible pet owner, you should consider spaying or neutering, no matter which you choose.

Where can I adopt a dog?

We recommend puppies be adopted from registered breeders. The litters are born of purebred adults with confirmed bloodlines. Your puppy will meet the morphological criteria set in the standard for the breed. The same applies for major traits in his disposition.

We advise that you visit the breeding kennels to see the puppy’s mother and the rest of the litter. You also have the opportunity to talk with the breeder. Being professionals, breeders will want to make sure that all puppies fit in with their owners’ lifestyles.

A list of breeding kennels is available from canine associations, veterinarians and breed clubs.

Symbols of devotion and loyalty, dogs are the epitome of pet par excellence. So much more than an appeasing and securing presence, coupled with an unselfish attachment, dogs assist man in a variety of ways. With nearly 400 breeds, no other domestic pet shows such diversity.

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