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Choline and inositol help prevent the pathological accumulation of fatty acids in the liver.These substances, which can be easily assimilated in vitamins, are lipotrophic factors.

A little background information

Choline and inositol are not vitamins in the proper sense of the word, even when they are attached to group B vitamins. The body is able to synthesise choline in the liver, but production is not always sufficient to cover requirements and it is wise to add it to the diet. The body’s cells and the intestinal bacteria on the other hand are able to convert glucose into inositol.

Their role in the body

Choline and inositol work together to build the cell membranes. Associated to other group B vitamins and to histidine they play a positive role in protecting the skin from dehydration.

Combined with phosphorus, choline becomes lecithin, a particular form of phospholipid in the cell membranes and blood lipoproteins. Choline also enters the synthesis of acetylcholine, a very important mediator in the nerve endings. Inositol is an integral part of the myelin sheath covering the nerves.

Natural sources

Choline is abundant in meat, eggs and nuts. Offal, such as cows liver and heart are excellent sources of inositol.