The Puppy and the Dog They have been man’s companion through the ages and adapted to their owners, but they have their own behavioural and nutritional demands. Knowing and respectingthem will guarantee their health and well-being.

The cat’s feline nature is always a matter of fascination.He adapts with apparent ease to daily life, and yet he has behavioural and nutritional requirements of his own. Knowing them and respecting them will guarantee his well-being and his health.

Because of its composition, a Royal Canin Health Nutrition food provides all essential nutrients measured out with utmost precision in order to contribute every day and on a long-term basis to the well-being and health of every animal, according to his age, his size, his physiological condition and his breed.

Innovation for the sake of dogs and cats’ health. For over 40 years, Royal Canin has worked with breeder partners and veterinary nutritionists to go ever further into innovation and precision to enable us to formulate nutritional solutions which perfectly meet dogs and cats’ real needs.



Les différentes formes de la vitamine A (rétinol/rétinal) jouent un rôle dans la synthèse des pigments rétiniens nécessaires à la perception des couleurs (iodopsine des cônes) et à la vision dans l’obscurité (rhodopsine des bâtonnets).

also known as: Retinol

La vitamine A joue un double rôle pour l'organisme.

Vitamin A deficiency causes:

  • eye problems (reduced night vision, opacification of the cornea, dryness of the conjunctiva) ;
  • skin problems (dry skin, atrophy of the sebaceous glands);
  • reproduction anomalies;
  • greater sensitivity to infections and pulmonary complications.

An excess of vitamin A is also harmful to the body (joint problems, reproduction problems).

A little background information

In antiquity, liver was used to treat some visual disorders. Vitamin A was isolated in 1913 and its chemical structure was mapped in 1931. It is a long-chain alcohol that is soluble in fat. It is absorbed in the small intestine and stored in the liver. Beta carotene is a vitamin A precursor for dogs, but cats are unable to realise this synthesis.

Its role in the body

  • Vision: adaptation to darkness.
  • Reproduction: synthesis of certain hormones.
  • Metabolism: synthesis of proteins.
  • Skin and hair : regulates the growth of epidermis cells and the production of sebum. Vitamin A helps fight seborrhoea and the dandruff that often forms after pruritus. It acts in synergy with zinc and sulphur amino acids.

Natural sources

As retinol: liver, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products.